VFX Services
VFX Services

"We are a VFX studio working for agencies and production companies looking for both technical and creative solutions. Let us enhance your projects!."

Motion graphics are graphics that are animated for dynamic effects. A slight twirl of a logo or a large moving band across the screen can reinforce a brand, highlight the name or genre of the program or identify the artist in a music video among other things. Motion graphics animation adds a sheen of professionalism and underscores brand values through its presence in a video.

Motion graphics animation is typically superimposed over live action footage and add visual components that draw the viewer’s attention to important aspects.

Our studio located in Kochi, Kerala. The studio is founded on a culture of originality, innovation and collaboration. Exceptional supervisors, producers and artists share their experience and passion for filmmaking to produce imaginative solutions, quick turnarounds and stunning results.

Our team works closely with clients throughout every phase of the creative process, from VFX design and previs to CG animation, digital makeup effects - gore is a particular Union talent - compositing and matte painting. Core specialties include CG environment work and invisible effects.