Story Board Services
Story Board Services

"Our Storyboard services are used for Films, animations, broadcast television commercials, website videos and even software applications."

Storyboards are the blueprint of film and animation. They are also important tools to explore narrative, action, structure, drama, pace, lighting, camera angles and visual effects. Storyboards also form the reference for musical scores, set design and interactivity. The most exciting thing about a good storyboard is that it is the first step for a script onto the screen.

  • Visually tells the story
  • Shows key elements of story: concept, characters, setting, action and emotion
  • Reflects the ideas of the writer, director and the client
  • Sells the idea
  • Becomes the blueprint production teams can work from

Drawing Storyboards
Our storyboarding technique is designed to be fast, capturing key elements. We then refine into greyscale marker visuals once we know the key frames are correct, and we may then work up into digital panels assembled into a digital presentation if requested by the client. Storyboards can be coloured if required but it adds to cost and we would only recommend if colour treatment were an essential part of the project.

Business Benefits of  Storyboarding

  • Generate excitement in your project
  • Reduce risk –Rush2ideas Storyboarding service has been used by independent film production and they say we have proven to help reduce their production risks.
  • Sells your creative pitch better and makes it stand out
  • Attract more finance for project development
  • Reduce wasted money in unclear project management
  • Improves workflow for animation
  • Easy to use reference for location shooting