Education Solutions for eLearning

Enrich your learning programs with our customized communication & collaboration solutions.

Online education has become a key success component for institutes and training centers across the world. By reaching students globally, improving their focus and engagement, and better connecting them with teachers and trainers, the eLearning approach is becoming one of the most important silent revolutions of our times.

Use Video-Based Learning To Create The Buzz

Use teaser videos to highlight the significance of the program and its value for the learners. This will help you motivate learners and drive better engagement.

We help our clients to produce high quality vedeo content.

Powerful online exam solution.

Upgrade your classroom testing to online testing corresponds to the present scenario , most of the competitive examinations being converted in to the online format.This will help students to adapt with the online testing process followed by most of the competitive exams.Each candidates are given a unique username ,password and registration number.Individual ranks will be sent to the respective candidates once the testing session is closed and also generate complete ranklist.

  • Mobile App(for android , ios)
  • Question Bank with lakhs of questions along with explanations.
  • Can conduct any number of tests simultaneously.
  • Categorize exams subject wise and topic wise.
  • Full fledge admin panel with controll over entire process.
  • 24X7 customer support-Upon request.
  • E-mail and SMS service - Upon request.
  • Payment gateway integration-based on requirement.
Discussion Forum
  • Both students and admin can post threads.
  • Subscribers can post comments to each thread .
  • Admin can add moderators to moderate posts and threads.
  • Powerful social media modules integrated.
  • Share discussion directly to your social media wall.